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Green Electrical Solutions provides practical and compliant industrial electrical services for the industrial sector. Providing all aspects of design, build, installation, inspection, testing, and certification of your facility, ensuring your electrical systems avoid downtime contributed to electrical. The quality of my service and products is important to me. I have an excellent reputation for safety and high standards in the workplace from small manufacturing jobs to large industrial projects. I believe in working closely with my industrial clients, offering skillful advice on electrical design, installation, and maintenance solutions that only a master electrician can provide. Call or Contact us to discuss how Green Electrical Solutions can help

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Industrial electrical Services - wiring repair

Maintaining your facilities electrical wiring and electrical components is a must when it comes to maximizing production and maintenance decisions. One of my specialties, at Green Electrical Solutions, is repairing, installing, and replacing electrical wiring. From replacing outdated wiring to installing new electrical wiring for new equipment and expansion projects, Green Electrical Solutions, Electrical Wiring Contractors are professional, reliable and follow electrical code and safety standards for quality assurance and your peace of mind.

Additional Industrial Electrical Wiring Tasks:

  • Electrical switch wiring
  • Electrical plug wiring
  • Electrical wiring circuit
  • Electric wiring upgrade
Fiber Optic Cable Installation
Electrical Wiring Systems
Electrical Wiring Control Panel
Electrical Fuse Boxes & Power Line Switchers

Industrial electrical Services - Lighting

As a working owner, I provide a flexible business model, adapting to many different client needs, and offering extensive services and high-quality products. From smart grid technology to industrial LED lighting technology and automated lighting, Green Electrical Solutions products can reduce or offset much of your maintenance and electricity costs.

My goal is to make my customers’ facility and employees more effective and efficient. It is accomplished by reducing operational overhead through reduced power usage, improved equipment uptime and visibility, and providing a solution which requires a reduced level of maintenance.

Traditional LED fixtures have been a significant game-changer in the Metro Detroit industrial lighting industry when compared to traditional lighting technologies like fluorescent or incandescent lighting. LEDs don’t generate as much heat and last four to five times longer.

My full range of industrial lighting services includes:

  • Lighting for Industrial, Projects
  • Lighting Systems for Computer Rooms
  • Office Environment Lighting
  • Fluorescent Lighting Systems
  • Parking Lot and Site Lighting
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Full Range of Industrial electrical services

As a electrical contractor, I offer a wide variety of industrial electrical services. From industrial electrical maintenance to electrical repairs of your industrial electrical systems, I manage all electrical services with precision and care. Minimizing scheduled shutdowns and equipment failures, I specialize in industrial electrical services and the installation of electrical systems. I have extensive knowledge of current technologies, as well as systems installed decades ago.

My focus is to deliver cost-effective industry standard solutions on all electric projects ranging from small electrical installations to refurbishments and complete installations

Industrial electrical services Include:

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